USING THE TYPEFACE For the most part its just like ever other font - just type. There are a few things to note though . . . The default Braille is UEB and where possible for other European countries we have programmed localised alternatives. For capital letters, numbers and style features (such as italics) you will need to place in the appropriate indicator - this information can be found via out resources page (Rules of UEB & World Braille usage) The Braille weight does not have contracted forms programmed and is classed as Grade 1 Braille LEGAL While every care has been taken to check the accuracy of the Braille we cannot guarantee its accuracy. Please confirm Braille character sets with the relevant local Braille authority. For use on commercial products we recommend consulting a translation agency.
Bonez Designz is not liable to yourself or any third party for loss or damage resulting in the use of the typeface. The typeface it used at the users own risk. The typeface is copyright protected under British law.
When entering into a licence agreement for the use of the typeface you are bound to that agreement, breach of the agreement can result in legal proceedings.