Direct or via Myfonts?

You may have noticed that on some of our fonts you have the option to buy direct or to buy via Myfonts.

So what’s the difference?

For you not much at all, the licence types will be the same and so will the price.

its just your preference if you want to by direct or though Myfonts

Then what’s the point?

The difference is more my side. When a designer sells though myfonts.com they only see 50% of the money. If you buy direct I see 100% of the money.

Some (like me) will also have the affiliate link set up which means we see a tiny bit more of the money, it also means if you buy fonts from other designers at the same time I get 10% of the total sale. Don’t worry it doesn’t mean the other designer(s) get(s) any less they will still get their 50%, if anyone gets less its Myfonts. 

I’m a big believe in being open and upfront, and as your the one making the purchase its only right I give you all the information so you can make an informed decision.